Who is eligible to apply?

What are the min. requirements for admission?
Admission criteria

Eligibility criteria for a scholarship

Eligibility criteria as Self-funded candidate

I'm not sure to have the adequate scientific and educational background...
The B.Sc. Background needs to be in the natural sciences in a wide sense. A solid basic knowledge in the following fields is required: general cell biology, basics of chemistry and biochemistry, physics and math. However, if you believe your knowledge meets these criteria and you can prove your motivation for Neuroscience, try and apply. Student selection is an open, competitive process.

Are all nationalities accepted?
Candidates from all countries can apply for the Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Neuroscience.

I'm currently a Bachelor I eligible?
Yes, provided you validate your Bachelor degree before the Neurasmus Programme starts. In the application form, instead of your Bachelor degree, you need to upload an official letter of your university stating that you are registered as a Bachelor student and will be delivered the Bachelor's degree, before the Neurasmus program starts. At the time of application, you need to provide transcripts of exams already taken. Please note, that if you're accepted in our program after selection, we urgently will need your bachelor degree in June/July

I'm holding a Master I eligible?
If you already have a Master’s degree, you are eligible to apply, except for following restriction “Individuals who have already benefited from an EMMC scholarship are not eligible for a second scholarship in order to follow the same or another E