How can I be sure that my application has been submitted?

I'm not sure if my application has been submitted (or) I think a technical problem occurs...

Make sure:

  • you filled in all the parts of the e-form
  • you attached all required documents (see check-list)
  • your referees submitted their reference letters

--> In this case you completed 100% of the e-form

Make sure:

  • you clicked on the button "submit"
  • you received an email confirming that your application has been saved.

In the case you received NO e-mail and you are sure all previous steps have been done, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I'm not sure whether I need to submit a paper-based application...

It is definitively not necessary to send your application via postal or electronic mail.
However, you might be required to submit the hard copies later. So keep it anyway.

I do not hold all required attachments at the time of submission...can I still submit my application?

At the time of application, you need to provide all required attachments.

Exceptions are made in the following cases:

  • You registered for an English test, but the exam takes place after the NEURASMUS application deadline... We are aware that you might be able to have your exam after the deadline for application. In that case, please attach a proof of registration to the exam before the deadline. As soon as you receive the results, please send us the certificate by e-mail, before January 1st.
  • I'm currently a Bachelor student and will be graduated in a few months... We remind you that you can apply, provided you validate your Bachelor degree before the Neurasmus Programme starts. In the application form, instead of your Bachelor degree, you need to upload an official letter of your university stating that you are registered as a Bachelor student and will be delivered the Bachelor's degree, before the Neurasmus program starts. Please note, that if you're accepted in our program after selection, we urgently will need your bachelor degree in June/July