What is the Reference Letter about and how can my referees submit their reference letters?

What is the reference letter about?

The reference letters should be provided by academic / scientific persons (teachers, researchers, internship supervisors, previous employees, etc.) who are familiar with applicant's work or character and who have positive remarks to make. The referees should attest also the adequation of applicant's background with the Neurasmus Master Course.

The reference letter should consist of 1-2 pages, written in English, including the referees signature, presenting on institutional headed paper and bearing an institutional stamp/seal.

I'm not sure to understand how the reference section works..

Please note that it is your responsability to inform your referees of the procedure settled by the eform.

In the referees section of the e-form, you have to write e-mails of your 2 referents. After you validate this information, the e-form is sending an automatic e-mail to your referees. The e-mail sent includes the link where the reference letter has to be uploaded on you e-form. As this is a confidential document, you’re not allowed to add yourself the reference letter in the application, but your referees will have to follow the instructions presented in our e-mail.Your referees have to check their mailbox (the e-mail might be redirected in the SPAM folder, be alerted of that problem).

If your referees followed the instructions properly, you will be able to see a green V instead of a read X in the attachments list on your e-form.

Please be careful by writing the information of your referees in the eform. The referees section will be locked after you validate it, and you won't be able to modify it. The automatic e-mail can be sent only once. In case of misprint, your referee will not receive the e-mail and cannot upload his/her reference letter.

In case of misprint in the referee section or in case your referees did not receive the automatic email sent by the eform, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as early as possible.

My referee(s) did not receive the eMundus automatic e-mail with link to upload his/her (their) reference letter...

  • EITHER you correctly write down the e-mail: there is a possibility that the automatic Neurasmus mail with the link to upload the reference letter has been redirected in the "spam" folder of your referee mailbox.

  • OR you've made a mistake when writing the e-mail address of your referee: in that case, he/she did not receive the link to upload the reference letter

Problem 1: You're not allowed to correct any information regarding referees information in the application, this section is automatically locked once this page of the e-form is validated (confidentiality of the reference letters).

Problem 2: The e-mail is sent automatically by the e-form and cannot be sent a second time.

Solution proposed:

1) Please ask your referee to check 1st in his/her SPAM folder.

2) If he still has no e-mail, ask your referee to confirm through an e-mail enquiry to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it he/she did not receive any mail from us.